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This Unique College and University Guidebook

Breaks the Mold.

It speaks directly to a generation of high school students

with a substantially different perspective on college

and career options than prior generations.


Offered as a Guided Exploration

of the higher education options and opportunities

in the Pacific Northwest, this guidebook

emphasizes innovation, inclusion and accessibility

Openly Biased

in favor of experiential and place-based learning,

interdisciplinary research-based education,

and opportunities for career-focused training beyond the classroom.  


Designed to Invite

all college-aspiring high school students, their parents, and

counselors to discover the wide range of higher education experiences

available in this astonishingly beautiful and ecologically fascinating

bioregion of the North American continent.



This first PNW college guide is an ongoing project of

Navigations2College, an Oregon non-profit organization.

It is inspired by the belief that

equitable and inclusive access to higher education and training

is a matter of social and economic justice.

The project addresses the need for more comprehensive coverage

of PNW higher education options. This guide not only fills that void, 

but goes well beyond by providing novel content, exceptional clarity, 

and strong encouragement of our readers. 

Your feedback is welcomed.

Available for purchase through your local Independent Bookstore

or  at Amazon


 and wholesale at Ingram Spark


Schools, Libraries and Nonprofits can get small to large bulk orders fulfilled directly from Navigations2College at less than half the sticker price. 

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